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The bourgeoning sub-discipline of ludomusicology, the study of video game music, is gaining prominence in contemporary musicology scholarship and broader academic salience. Increasing prevalence in dedicated conferences and in monograph and journal publications is further stimulating the breadth of scholarly inquiry related to game music studies.

My current research interests, aligned with my PhD topic, are focused on the Grand Theft Auto series, wherein the music is both vast in quantity, and germane to analytical principles.

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Conference Papers

The Historical Development of Music in The Grand Theft Auto Series and its Immersive Role and Application in Grand Theft Auto V
Ludo2016, Ludomusicology Research Group
Read ABSTRACT here
A Connected Culture of Video Game Music and Teaching Possibilities
ANZARME 28th Conference 2016, Australian & New Zealand Association for Research in Music Education
Read ABSTRACT here
The Developing Identity of Ludomusicology and its Role in Contemporary Musicology
Shifts and Turns: Moving Music, Musicians and Ideas, Musicological Society of Australia
Read ABSTRACT here
Real Musical Connections in a Virtual World’ (awarded commendation)
Isolated Musics, Connected Musics, International Association for the Study of Popular Music – Australia/New Zealand
Read ABSTRACT here
‘Bringing London Murders to the Australian Stage: An Evolution of Game Music Collaboration and Performance’
Ludo2016, Ludomusicology Research Group
Read ABSTRACT here
‘Rip & Tear: Deconstructing the Technological and Musical Composition of Mick Gordon’s Score for DOOM (2016)’Smith_ACMC2017DOOM
Do Androids Dream of Computer Music?, Australasian Computer Music Conference 2017, Elder Conservatorium of Music, The University of Adelaide.
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Music Respawn! The Academic Side Of GTA 5, WSHU Public Radio Group

Episode 5 – Barnabas Smith, Game Composure

Online Articles

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