Composing & Arranging

With a background of short-film composition at a professional level, Barnabas offers his own unique style in complementing the emotion and drama of a scene. Projects have included scores with epic, orchestral sweeping tones, R&B and funk beats and sparse, percussion driven melodies.

In addition to film, Barnabas has scored for radio, television, podcast and website platforms, as well as commercially driven pop/rock songs.

To hear examples of Barnabas’ compositions please visit the Recordings page.

Whether you need an arrangement of a classical piece, jazz standard, school band chart or choral SATB music, Barnabas offers fully professional and original arrangements at competitive prices.

Barnabas chooses to use the computer software packages Sibelius and Logic, and additional third party and expansion pack software attached to these programs.

Please contact Barnabas to find out more about his arranging and composition services, pricing and all other details.